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We are 3-Jay Marketing & Manufacturing, Inc.



We are an organization made up of family, friends and professional associates. We boast three generations of individuals actively involved in the hair industry. This involvement includes the styling of hair, the study of how products affect the hair and the marketing and distribution of health and beauty aids. 

Our Only the Best Royal Hair Collection offers premium 100% virgin hair. Offering a variety of styles including:

Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian and Gold Remy Straight, Curly, Wavy and more, our BUNDLES are sold by length and weight,

100 grams for each bundle.

Shorter lengths will give more coverage of the head, longer lengths will require more hair because all hair is sold by length. 


Weight guaranteed by precision digital laboratory weight scales. Length guaranteed by precision tape measure.

Our Mission


To provide Health & Beauty products and services that meet or exceed the expectations and requirements of our customers, the professional cosmetologist and their clients. 


Our Vision

To create products and services designed to solve the hair and skin problems of our Global community through innovation and cutting-edge technology. 

To partner with Professional Cosmetologists to help improve their skills in the marketing of their services and the distribution of ONLY THE BEST Royal Hair Collection through education and training. FOR TEAM SERVICE CALL 888-351-7455. 



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