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A Word from Only the Best Royal Hair Collection to our Valued Customers:


Our Only The Best Virgin Hair is the best quality hair your money can buy. The name "Virgin" means that the hair is still in its purest form and it hasn't been dyed, bleached or chemically treated in any way. It is completely unprocessed and has only been cleaned and conditioned before being made into weft bundles. Our Only The Best Virgin Hair is the Divaz of the human hair world. It is extremely strong and durable and the hair lasts for years when maintained correctly. All grades are unprocessed except the Gold which has been color processed, only. 


Our Remy hair refers to a specific type of harvesting process it is cut from a single donor, with cuticles intact, all hair shafts going in the same direction from roots to tips.


All Only The Best grades feature exquisite thin top wefts, undamaged cuticles, healthy non-split ends, tangle free,

non-shedding. An excellent choice for bleaching, dyeing, perming, curling and styling or the wet & wavy look. Our 100% Pure Natural Virgin Human Hair has no synthetic blending. Also, the cuticles are closed to protect the hair and help prevent tangling, thereby giving you longer-lasting, soft hair. All lengths and weights guaranteed. 


Step 1: Budget

Consider your purpose and budget. Are you creating your style for a makeover, for a new job, for a special occasion or perhaps a combination of one or more of these? Establish intention before you set your budget. If you plan to maintain the style over a period of time, consider this purchase an investment in you!


Step 2: Lifestyle

Maintaining natural hair weaves can be as much work as your own hair. So consider the time you have for daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance before you select your hair and style. Consultation with an experienced professional extension specialist is well worth the investment of time and money to ascertain your responsibilities to maintain your style and the health of your hair and scalp. Our large selection of wigs can be worn to exercise your right to be versatile. 

Step 3: Fusion

" Fusion" means your natural hair blends or fuses perfectly with your extensions, making it difficult for any onlooker to identify where your natural hair ends and the extensions begin. Make sure the extensions you select are a close match to your natural hair texture, color and length for the style you want. For your fusion to be successful over time, you must care for your extensions as you would your own hair. 

An Exceptional Value-When you make your selection from an authorized ONLY THE BEST outlet you are protected by our no frills 7-day money back guarantee. Simply return the purchase BEFORE you alter the hair in any way. Whether you order online or at a physical outlet, simply call our TEAM SERVICE department at 1-888-351-7455 to set up the friendly, you return/we refund process. Don't you deserve, ONLY THE BEST? Compromise elsewhere!

Weight guaranteed by precision

digital laboratory weight scales. 

Length guaranteed by precision

tape measure. 

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